A Harmonic Minor

A Harmonic Minor – All NotesNotes: A – B – C – D – E – F – G# Formula: 1 – 2 – b3 – 4 – 5 – …

A Melodic Minor

A Melodic Minor – All Notes

A Melodic Minor Sharp 4

A Melodic Minor #4

A Melodic Minor #4This scale is the fourth scale in Allan Holdsworth’s List of 10 most usable scales.▸List: Triads and Seventh Chords in the A Melodic Minor #4 ScaleTriadsSeventh ChordsAºA-BCºC+C(b5)D#ºEE+F#ºG#-G#G#+Aº7A-ΔB7Cº7C+ΔCΔb5Ebº7EΔE+ΔGbº7Gbm7b5Ab-7Ab7Ab+7

Ab Melodic Minor

Ab Melodic Minor - Guitar Fretboard

Ab Melodic Minor – All Notes

Ab Minor Triad

Ab Minor Triad Arpeggio

Ab Minor Triad


AmMaj7 Arpeggio - Fretboard Notes

AmMaj7 Arpeggio – All Notes

B Diminished Seventh

Bdim7 Arpeggio - All Notes

Bdim7 Arpeggio – All Notes

B Major Triad

B Major Triad Arpeggio

B Major Triad – All Notes

B Melodic Minor

B Melodic Minor - Guitar Fretboard

B Melodic Minor – All Notes

Bb Bebop Major Scale – Bb C D Eb F Gb G A

Bb Bebop Major - 6th Diminished Scale

This scale is #6 of Allan Holdsworth’s 10 Most Usable Scales.Barry Harris Clinic at the Royal Conservatory of The HagueBebop Major Scale – Key of CTriadsSeventh ChordsBbBb+CºC-D-DD+EbºEb-EbEb(b5)FGbºGb+Gb(b5)G-AºBbΔBb+ΔCº7Cm7b5C-7D-7D7D+7Ebº7Eb-ΔEbΔEbΔ#11 (no 5)F7Gbº7Gb+ΔGbΔ#11 (no …

Bb Melodic Minor

Bb Melodic Minor - Guitar Fretboard

Bb Melodic Minor – All Notes

C Augmented Triad

C Augmented Triad

C Augmented Triad – All Notes