Guitar Fretboard Knowledge
The C Major Scale on 6-String Guitar in the Standard Tuning

The C Major Scale is a perfect starting point for mastering the guitar fretboard.

As you learn all about Per StringCAGED and 3NPS fingerings, Modes, Triads and more, the guitar will open up to you and improvising and creating music will become automatic.

Practice and jam with our backing tracks to master this important scale. 

The C Melodic Minor Scale on 6-String Guitar in the Standard Tuning

If you want to play Jazz music and improvise, the Melodic Minor Scale is essential learning, after you've begun mastering the Major Scale. In this study, we learn all about the C Melodic Minor Scale, As always, you will learn CAGED patterns, 3NPS, Modes, Triads and Seventh Chords, but there is much more...

Allan Holdsworth's 10 Most Usable Scales

Legendary guitarist and composer Allan Holdsworth presented 10 scales that are, according to him, the "most usable" ones. 

These scales will keep you busy for a lifetime. They do me!

Backing Tracks

Enjoy the growing collection of backing tracks to elevate your practice sessions to the next level. We are particularly fond of long-form backing tracks.

We focus on static backing tracks for jamming on particular chords and scales and on all kinds of common chord progressions, like the four chord song and jazz standard chord progressions.

Facts and Fiction about the CAGED System for Guitar

What is the CAGED system? Should you know or use it?

This and other articles will help increase your knowledge and expand your skill-set on the guitar and your musicianship.