The F Major in the Open Position – Shape 1

The F Major Guitar Chord in the Open Position

This shape for the F major chord is one of the chords from our list of the top-10 most useable guitar chords that every beginner should learn.

  • Bar index finger F and C (b-string & e-string)
    Middle finger on A (G-string)
  • Ring finger on F (D-string)
  • Do not play the low E-string
  • Do not play the A-string

Early beginners often find this chord hard to play. The two-string barred fingering makes it slightly difficult to get a clear sound for a lot of people.

In such cases, particularly in modern popular music, the Fmaj7 chord may -carefully and usually temporarily- be used as an alternative.

The Fmaj7 Guitar Chord in the Open Position

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