The Ubiquitous CAGED System

The CAGED System

What It Is

What It Isn't

The CAGED system is in fact not a 'system' at all, but merely a phenomenon which automatically occurs on the 6-string guitar when it is tuned in the standard tuning.

Thus, it is beneficial when studied thoroughly and applied sensibly.

It is a foundational practice to learn its possibilities as well as its limitations in order to gain a full understanding of instrument in the standard tuning.

The ultimate goal is to gain a complete mental image of any particular selection of notes on the guitar fretboard. With a number of very common patterns such as the most common scales, the CAGED system is applicable.

The CAGED system is not the only way or system to navigate the guitar fretboard. There are other methods which are useful as well and in some instances the CAGED system will not even apply.


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