Fretboard Knowledge - Allan Holdsworth's 10 Most Usable Scales 4-String Bass - Infographic

Allan Holdsworth’s 10 Most Usable Scales for 4-String Bass

In 1992, REH released a video for Allan Holdsworth. In it, he gave a little glimpse of his process. His way of displaying and treating scales was of paramount importance.

Included with each of the scale diagrams is a list of the Common Chords which can be derived from that scale.

This article is a work in progress and this topic deserves much expansion, which will be implemented gradually. For the time being, please enjoy this initial listing!

Without Allan Holdsworth, this website wouldn't exist.

Scale 1: D Dorian

  • Allan's symbol: Dx

Scale 2: D Melodic Minor

  • Allan's symbol: Dⓧ

Scale 3: A Harmonic Minor

  • Allan's symbol: A -6

Scale 4: A Melodic Minor #4

  • Allan's symbol: A +4

Scale 5: G Dominant Diminished (Messiaen Mode 2)


Scale 6: Bb Jazz Major

  • Allan's symbol: Bbɤ

Scale 7: C Jazz Dominant

  • Allan's symbol: C7ɤ

Scale 8: B Bebop Dorian

  • Allan's symbol: Bxɤ

Scale 9: A Bebop Melodic Minor

  • Allan's symbol: Aɤ

Scale 10: The Tcherepnin Scale (Messiaen Mode 3)


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